Choosing a blog app: Wordpress

Choosing a blog app: WordPress

It was surprisingly easy to choose a blogging platform in the days of Web 2.0. Despite being known for being a bit weak on the “Digg effect” side (which can be fixed with a nice cache plugin) I went for WordPress and have to say I like it!

Could not find anything GPL’d that has features comparable with WordPress. MoveableType is pretty old-school but has some kind of freaky license and Google’s Blogger service, well, don’t they have enough of my private calendars/mails/office documents and whatelse already?

WordPress is simple, fast to setup, runs on my own server and there are plenty of ways to extend it. If you ever want to install it make sure to check out this set of almost essential plugins.

Just need to setup something to be able to easily embed music and video from within posts…