Bank of Bars, week off regular schedule and the usual web rant

Bank of Bars, week off regular schedule and the usual web rant

I thought that the weeks at NY were a bit crazy, but I had one hell of a weird week down here afterwards. Must have received some injection down there. What a nice timing, right before exams!

By the way, “Die Bank“, which was a full fledged bank for over 100 years, is a pretty nice place with good music for either chilling with the laptop, signing a contract or having some delicious snack with drinks in the heart of Hamburg.

Die Bank, Hamburg, Germany

Die Bank - Food

Make sure to check it out if you are around there and take the stairs to the right.

Also had a late business meeting for a new webapp project which I can not talk about here. If done right it will be 2-3 months before Facebook goes down! No, wait, I mean StudiVZ. That german pixel perfect clone of the social giant is enforcing a new commercial-friendly privacy agreement many users don’t like.

Additionally Facebook is soon heading for the one only missing feature before world domination: localization, which will give StudiVZ a hard time. Similar what can be seen with “invest-VC-in-me-coz-I-copy-that-US-site” MyVideo (I won’t even link to those freaks here, sorry!) and their loss/move of the userbase to the recently germanized YouTube. It seems not very likely that two social sites with the same service/application survive in the web 2.0 market.

Anyways, time to fix the promised music thing while we are waiting for Apple to release details about the iPhone/iPod Touch developer SDK. Judging from that blown Macworld Expo drama this Tuesday and charging iPod Touch users $20 for the iPhone apps (Google Maps, Mail, Stocks, Weather, …) means they have not left the best lookout for next month on this topic. Expecting extreme vendor lock-in ala Symbian Signed. Nevertheless below an exclusive video of the new Thinkpad Air, awesome stuff.


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