openSUSE 11 repository updates

openSUSE 11 repository updates

Finally openSUSE 11 has been released and I decided to upgrade my 10.3 system to it.

Some minor annoyances and broken installation later, my system was upgraded. Way less problematic upgrade than in earlier versions…

In order to enjoy my software repository goodness I had to update a couple of packages to compile for 11.0.

Add it with zypper like this:

# zypper ar

Some gems are now available for 11.0:

evolution-statusicon (A small notification icon to show/hide evolution)

evolution-tnef-attachments (Interpret those winmail.dat attachements Outlook is sending)

gstreamer010-pitfdll (Play your WMV goodness in gstreamer using win32 .dll codecs)

sphinx (An extremely powerful search engine nicely integrated with MySQL)

Still some other packages don’t compile and I’ll look into fixing it one by one.

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  1. easgs says:

    I have created a Multimedia Pack portable for Open Suse, the included programs and codecs are:

    1) kchmviewer
    2) mplayer, mplayer plugin
    3) audacious
    4) k3b, k3b-codecs
    5) sox
    6) devede
    7) audacity
    8) avidemux
    9) ffmpeg
    10) transcode
    11) ntfs-config
    12) vlc
    13) libdvdcss
    14) w32codecs
    15) xine
    16) xmms
    17) dvdShrink
    18) k9copy
    19) Gtkpod
    20) Acetoneiso
    21) Furiousiso
    22) DVD::RIP
    23) Amarok
    24) Kaffeine
    25) kmplayer
    26) Kdvdcreator
    27) K3guitune
    28) Kdvdauth
    29) DVDAuthorWizard
    30) Kguitar
    31) Mjpegtools
    32) Soundconverter
    33) Gdvdcreator
    34) Asunder
    35) Brasero
    36) Smplayer
    37) LMMS
    38) winff
    39) KmediaFactory
    40) DVD2Xvid

    you can install any of the above without internet, they include all the dependencies, just unzip the both files into a folder named MMP2008 and create a repository from that folder as a simple rpm folder in yast, then make a search in the yast installer with the name of the program and check it to install it, this is very important if you don`t have internet at home, and besides, by default Open Suse doesn`t include several codecs due to license matters.

    I created a blog about the MMP 2008 where you can download the pack:

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