Put Evolution into the tray/notification area using evolution-statusicon 1.0.0

Played around with some unmaintainable Evolution plugin called evolution-statusicon I wrote once.

Since upgrading to the latest openSUSE 11.1 release I felt it was missing badly on my desktop.

It had to be compiled within the Evolution source due to non-public header usage (e-shell stuff) which led to some problems packaging it or even distributing it outside of the main Evolution release.

Today tough, I managed to fix the requirements to compile it as a standalone EPlugin quite easily and thus pumped out a release plus corresponding packages for openSUSE.

The plugin provides a small notification area icon to show/hide/quit Evolution’s windows and comes handy if you have your favourite PIM open all the time.

Evolution Statusicon Plugin

This won’t go upstream due to violation of the GNOME HIG; same for Pidgin, Banshee, Liferea, Network Manager and so on, you know?

Check out the right version to install for your openSUSE version here.

The new repository for openSUSE can be found here:

The source lives at:

Enjoy crowding your notification area with this!

8 Replies to “Put Evolution into the tray/notification area using evolution-statusicon 1.0.0”

  1. Problem:

    (evolution:9076): e-utils-WARNING **: can’t load plugin ‘/usr/lib/evolution/2.28/plugins/libcom-sukimashita-statusicon.so’: /usr/lib/evolution/2.28/plugins/libcom-sukimashita-statusicon.so: undefined symbol: e_shell_foreach_shell_window

    Evo is at 2.18.1 (Ubuntu Karmic)

  2. Unfortunately, Evolution no longer exports that symbol “by accident”; they fixed that. However it was needed to be able to “hide” the main shell window.

    I need to investigate if the new “libbonobo-less” Evolution has a different way of getting hold of the shell window without relying on such a hack.

    If there is no way for plugins to get the shell window now, it will technically not be possible to do this unless someone extends the plugin API.

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