Internet Explorer rant, Browser wars and new Safari 4 beta

Internet Explorer rant, Browser wars and new Safari 4 beta

The norwegian “voksen” country’s major sites now warn Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) users about the outdated crap they browse with.

Some kind of “movement” formed out of this and other sites attempt to do the same or even block IE6 (for reference; Facebook did show a warning about IE6 since quite a while already).

On top of this it looks like finally not only web developers rant about Internet Explorer.

After Apple released a new beta of Safari 4 few days ago with loads of new bling bling, the usual “my Javascript Engine > *” arguments and exclusively stating the browser is “up to 30 times faster than IE7” things have started to get worse for Microsoft and web developer’s “favorite” browser.

CNET Safari 4 Beta Benchmark

Google is joining the EU antitrust case alongside Opera and Mozilla which appears to give Microsoft a major headache and should change what we’ll see coming bundled along the Windows 7 operating system.

Google Founders

In a some kind of of “last minute emergency” in the web development world, Microsoft really targets their new Internet Explorer 8 to comply to web standards (and thus effectively breaking site rendering for users in favor of a better web).

IE8 Acid3 Test

They have even created a blog which covers the development of it’s next generation browser however the comments are heavily moderated and many are removed.

Despite that, one can see a lot of rant in the remaining comments indicating that people are still not happy, even with the new standards compliant IE8

Hopefully this will turn Microsoft to even try harder. We’ll see how far it goes but the web business would definitely benefit.
Hard times for IE, but hope for web developers