Another step for Audio/Video chat on the Linux Desktop

Another step for Audio/Video chat on the Linux Desktop

Audio/Video chat is the “next” big thing and a lot of people use Skype already to get that functionality on Linux without much hazzle (certainly a few use Ekiga aswell).

Just recently the popular instant messenger Pidgin joined the ranks with their 2.6 release which introduced A/V chat for Jabber (XMPP) users.

However, finally it looks like there will be a decent way on Linux to have A/V chat with the very popular MSN protocol!

Empathy and MSN Messenger Audio/Video Chat

As announced by Guillaume Desmottes, Telepathy, the framework behind the instant messaging client Empathy, has now finally gained support for Audio/Video chat using MSN!

Apart from that he mentions that file transfer and offline messaging support is also done and being merged.

Total awesomeness on the internets.

Telepathy/Empathy is part of the next GNOME Desktop release thus these changes are expected to hit the next cycle of distribution releases.


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