GTK+ 3 support for nautilus-ideviceinfo

GTK+ 3 support for nautilus-ideviceinfo

I had a brief slip of time and finally updated the nautilus-ideviceinfo project to work with the latest GNOME desktop by porting it to GTK+ 3.

nautilus-ideviceinfo is a nautilus extension showing extended device information in the nautilus properties dialog.

It shows details like device name, model, serial number, software version, baseband version, imei/imsi/iccid, network and storage usage (with nice eye candy) as seen in the screenshot below.

Nautilus Property Dialog

This is a basic update which just adds the necessary GTK+ 3 UI changes but more is planned.

Things like the dependency on libgpod which will probably be dropped first to allow quicker/more granular storage information as well as improvements to the mobile carrier lookup which currently is not accurate enough cross my mind.

Other ideas were:

  • Support for EAN/MEID USA/China based telephony information
  • Show current battery charge information
  • Detect tethering (personal hotspot) status

Once you checked out the development version from git master and installed it, you can reach the dialog by browsing to the “computer://” scheme from the Nautilus location bar then right-clicking properties on your device.

Unfortunately due to the GNOME 3 UI changes, the easy direct access of the device properties from the sidebar is gone. There’s a lonely bug about it.

Once the last fixes are done I’ll release nautilus-ideviceinfo 1.0.0 and create packages for GNOME distributions. Enjoy.