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GTK+ 3 support for nautilus-ideviceinfo

I had a brief slip of time and finally updated the nautilus-ideviceinfo project to work with the latest GNOME desktop by porting it to GTK+ 3.

Latest on GNOME, Totem AirPlay, libimobiledevice 1.2.0, iOS 4.3, gdk-pixbuf-psd, Cherokee on iOS and openSUSE repositories

A typical plague of the internetz has hit this blog. It had no posts for a long time. -silence- I am sorry for this, but even if it might surprise some people, sometimes there are more important things in life than keeping your blog updated. Anyways here a quick overview of things that changed or matter…
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iOS 4.0 released: libimobiledevice and music sync with Linux

Apple has blessed us with a new major release of their operating system for their iDevice range of products. As a lot of people started to ask if one is still able to synchronize music using libgpod on Linux and if libimobiledevice and related works, I’d like to explain the current state of art here.

Passcode Security Flaw Update: it’s a bug in the iPhone OS, not a hack of Ubuntu/Linux

News spread yesterday after Bernd Marienfeldt discovered a security issue with passcode enabled iPhone devices still being accessible using a stock Ubuntu 10.04 system and now reaching major sites on the Internet. Since those reports appear to point out that  Ubuntu/Linux is “teh evil”, I’ll try to explain why this is totally false information and…
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Linux, the iPad, iPhone OS 4.0 and libimobiledevice support

Even if you are not tech-savy, you should have noticed by now that Apple released it’s new product, the iPad, to the masses. This new device can simply be compared to an iPod Touch with a huge display. That’s it. Now Apple had a keynote event yesterday and among other stuff presented the features of the…
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Native iPhone/iPod Touch support arrives on the Linux Desktop

Last Sunday, after being in development since August 2007, Matt Colyer released version 1.0.0 of the libimobiledevice library (formerly known as libiphone). libimobiledevice is a free open source software library that talks the protocols to support iPhone ® and iPod Touch ® devices natively on Linux. Unlike other projects, it does not depend on using…
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Big news soon; let’s see if this hype-thing works

Yes, really great stuff coming up… For a hint click to read more of the post…

It’s coming… Apples 3.0 on Linux!

A glimpse at the fruits of the last weeks: Nautilus/GVFS: …

Internet Explorer rant, Browser wars and new Safari 4 beta

The norwegian “voksen” country’s major sites now warn Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) users about the outdated crap they browse with. Some kind of “movement” formed out of this and other sites attempt to do the same or even block IE6 (for reference; Facebook did show a warning about IE6 since quite a while already). On…
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