Passcode Security Flaw Update: it’s a bug in the iPhone OS, not a hack of Ubuntu/Linux

News spread yesterday after Bernd Marienfeldt discovered a security issue with passcode enabled iPhone devices still being accessible using a stock Ubuntu 10.04 system and now reaching major sites on the Internet.

Since those reports appear to point out that  Ubuntu/Linux is “teh evil”, I’ll try to explain why this is totally false information and FUD.

The basic workflow he pointed out was:

  • Set a passcode on a device
  • Switch off the device
  • Attach it to an Ubuntu system it was never attached before
  • The device starts booting
  • Ubuntu automounts the device media partition and allows access

The expected behavior is that the device would refuse to pair with the unknown system due to having a passcode set.

Now the problem here is that you can replicate this flaw with any operating system.

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Released evolution-statusicon 1.0.4. Show/hide Evolution from the notification area.

If you are like me and you are annoyed by the Evolution bugging you in your ALT+TAB cycle as you have it running almost all the time you will probably like this one.

Back last year I wrote a simple plugin for Evolution. The plugin provides a small notification area icon to show/hide/quit Evolution’s windows and comes handy if you have your favourite PIM open all the time.

Evolution Statusicon Plugin

Development work on Evolution broke the functionality though which was based on a hacky workaround anyways (abused a private exported symbol) to be able to hide/show the main window.

However with Evolution 2.30.0, it’s rewrite of the UI code and removal of libbonobo code, the public API changed and now allows much better control of the whole interface.

So without much fanfare I release evolution-statusicon 1.0.4 for Evolution 2.30.0 or later. Download and sources after the break.

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Linux, the iPad, iPhone OS 4.0 and libimobiledevice support

Even if you are not tech-savy, you should have noticed by now that Apple released it’s new product, the iPad, to the masses. This new device can simply be compared to an iPod Touch with a huge display. That’s it.

Now Apple had a keynote event yesterday and among other stuff presented the features of the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0.

This new OS version will provided for the iPad this fall alongside iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touches 2G/3G this summer. Developer builds are already available and some videos of the new features like multitasking (technically it’s just an illusion though) already fill up the internet tubes.

With the recent news about libimobiledevice and native Linux support for these devices some important questions rise that i’ll try to answer:

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Native iPhone/iPod Touch support arrives on the Linux Desktop

Last Sunday, after being in development since August 2007, Matt Colyer released version 1.0.0 of the libimobiledevice library (formerly known as libiphone).

libimobiledevice is a free open source software library that talks the protocols to support iPhone ® and iPod Touch ® devices natively on Linux.

Unlike other projects, it does not depend on using any existing proprietary libraries and does not require jailbreaking.

It was successfully tested with the iPhone and iPod Touch 1G, 2G, 3G and 3GS models running up to firmware 3.1.3.

So what does it mean for me as a desktop user?

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