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Latest on GNOME, Totem AirPlay, libimobiledevice 1.2.0, iOS 4.3, gdk-pixbuf-psd, Cherokee on iOS and openSUSE repositories

A typical plague of the internetz has hit this blog. It had no posts for a long time. -silence- I am sorry for this, but even if it might surprise some people, sometimes there are more important things in life than keeping your blog updated. Anyways here a quick overview of things that changed or matter…
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Change page orientation to landscape for a single page in OpenOffice

I recently have been asked this: It’s actually quite simple.

Selling a PSP on eBay is a copyright violation

Note to myself: Selling your old Sony PSP and writing that Firmware 1.50 is installed makes eBay delete your auction with “MC047 eBay Listing Violation: Copyright Violation – Unauthorized Item” reasoning the auction was selling “illegal copies/backups” or advertised to do so. At least they keep auctions where people advertise their PSP having “the super…
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Spam with creativity and just use HTML tables

Hilarious. Using a to infect my eyes with even more Viagra. At least that way it is easier to understand than “V3ia6r4”. They are past ASCII Viagra already, ain’t they?

Crash against the wall

Almost two weeks ago I had a car accident on my way to a client. Despite driving with regular speed and considering myself a good driver, I managed to smash against a wall on the “Autobahn” with 120 km/h after experiencing the danger of “aquaplaning”. In contrast to my car, I thankfully survived… Yet everything…
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FCKeditor rant

There are a couple of “Word like” onsite editors floating around but I need to rant about one stealing my time. WordPress uses tinyMCE and it works well even while having it’s flaws, you get your work done, there are a couple of plugins to extend it to embed videos and all normal people need…
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Way to cool word cloud generator

Damn, always had this on my mind but never picked this up… Checkout “wordle“, a cool word cloud generator. Only missing features seem to be the lack of a Flash implementation (requires JAVA now) and the inability to directly export the clouds as images (for wallpapers etc.; currently you have to screenshot the clouds…). Off…
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Tango Symbian Theme and an Apple

Some crab from the internets removed the download links to my Tango Symbian 60 theme. For those who have written me, it’s fixed. Go ahead and give some Tango love to your mobile. Alongside of that I received a lot of nice feedback on the theme, appreciate it! I’ll fix the small issues like white…
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Bank of Bars, week off regular schedule and the usual web rant

I thought that the weeks at NY were a bit crazy, but I had one hell of a weird week down here afterwards. Must have received some injection down there. What a nice timing, right before exams! By the way, “Die Bank“, which was a full fledged bank for over 100 years, is a pretty…
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