openSUSE repository updates

Started to update the openSUSE software repository today since a few packages were not building. Big thanks to Florian who updated a couple of packages with new releases, too. Factory unfortunately is broken in the base repository thus most packages won’t be available until someone fixed that. Same for the SUSE download servers right now which suffer from some hardware failure. Should be fixed in the next few days.

As a last note for today, a reminder of the one and only disco king:


Yes, he is still in business. For us regular beings who must celebrate his haircut, I’ll post a brand new track (co-production with a good old pal) on this very blog soon which will be the beginning of a series of featured releases.

Wii Remote’s endless abuses: Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard

Johnny Chung Lee from the Carnegie Mellon University demonstrates how to create a low-cost multi-touch capable whiteboard using a Wiimote, a pen with infrared LEDs, a projector and your average laptop.


Really nice! I can imagine that you could even project from below a surface instead, effectively getting rid of the “shadows”.

Additionally Petter Hutterer, the man behind the Multi-Pointer X Server project, has recently released an initial version of a Wiimote X input driver (patches are welcome). It will allow you to use the Wiimote as a full blown X input device and controlling your mouse. Might be cool to apply Johnny’s whiteboard idea here.

Looks like I have to go hunting for some nice projector and loads of free time soon…

Update: Oh heck, how could I  forget “lasertraq” a cool solution for Linux which works with a regular webcam/camera instead of the Wiimote but basically allows you to do the same stuff. Heck it even uses the superdupe GStreamer framework!