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It’s coming… Apples 3.0 on Linux!

A glimpse at the fruits of the last weeks: Nautilus/GVFS: …

Anyone beats me lower?

During my move last week I accidentally discovered the only true evidence for the nerds and fanboys out there: Can anyone beat me on that and present older crap? (Only real boxes, manuals, cds/floppys allowed!) Update 20.08.09: Nikias Bassen sent me in this beautifully designed piece of pure geekness. A shot of his Debian GNU/Linux…
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Selling a PSP on eBay is a copyright violation

Note to myself: Selling your old Sony PSP and writing that Firmware 1.50 is installed makes eBay delete your auction with “MC047 eBay Listing Violation: Copyright Violation – Unauthorized Item” reasoning the auction was selling “illegal copies/backups” or advertised to do so. At least they keep auctions where people advertise their PSP having “the super…
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Put Evolution into the tray/notification area using evolution-statusicon 1.0.0

Played around with some unmaintainable Evolution plugin called evolution-statusicon I wrote once. Since upgrading to the latest openSUSE 11.1 release I felt it was missing badly on my desktop. It had to be compiled within the Evolution source due to non-public header usage (e-shell stuff) which led to some problems packaging it or even distributing…
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Waiting to synchronize your unjailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch on Linux over USB?

No, no. Apple is not releasing iTunes for Linux. What kept your (not jailbroken) bling bling from being accessed on Linux and limited to synchronization with one Mac or Windows computer could soon be history as a new interesting project has been started.

iPhone Dev, OS11 repository changes and hope for OGG

So today I joined the official iPhone Developer folks. First thing you do is to download the heavy iPhone SDK which comes in a “.dmg” file as many other bundles on Mac OS X. What do you do though when you download it in Linux and want to look into it?

GNOME progress report; fixing bugs from 2001

Some interesting things happen in the GNOME world these days. First of all John Carr posted about his progress with the synchronization utility Conduit regarding Windows CE devices. It will be a good day for Linux when we can plug in a mobile, let Conduit pop up and synchronize all your contacts/calendars/notes/files with the computer…
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openSUSE 11 repository updates

Finally openSUSE 11 has been released and I decided to upgrade my 10.3 system to it. Some minor annoyances and broken installation later, my system was upgraded. Way less problematic upgrade than in earlier versions… In order to enjoy my software repository goodness I had to update a couple of packages to compile for 11.0.…
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