GNOME progress report; fixing bugs from 2001

Some interesting things happen in the GNOME world these days.

First of all John Carr posted about his progress with the synchronization utility Conduit regarding Windows CE devices. It will be a good day for Linux when we can plug in a mobile, let Conduit pop up and synchronize all your contacts/calendars/notes/files with the computer automatically.

The hazzle to configure all the opensync/msynctool command line stuff is just beyond any usability level for a regular user.

Much of the base of his work should also help in implementing SyncML stuff and make mobile synchronization hopefully just work in Linux.

Next comes GSoC veteran, James Sharpe, who has been working on my initial proposal to implement multiple desktop wallpaper support in GNOME. He has put up a video of his progress and all patches for the functionality are now in the bugtracker.


There are still open questions regarding the best UI to change the background and how this works on multi-display setups and with Compiz, but the progress is clearly visible. I just would have liked if the current background implementation would be further refactored instead of being built upon.

More GSoC gems are hiding like the media services tool to allow easy to use multimedia format conversion for any GStreamer supported format and more…

openSUSE 11 repository updates

Finally openSUSE 11 has been released and I decided to upgrade my 10.3 system to it.

Some minor annoyances and broken installation later, my system was upgraded. Way less problematic upgrade than in earlier versions…

In order to enjoy my software repository goodness I had to update a couple of packages to compile for 11.0.

Add it with zypper like this:

# zypper ar

Some gems are now available for 11.0:

evolution-statusicon (A small notification icon to show/hide evolution)

evolution-tnef-attachments (Interpret those winmail.dat attachements Outlook is sending)

gstreamer010-pitfdll (Play your WMV goodness in gstreamer using win32 .dll codecs)

sphinx (An extremely powerful search engine nicely integrated with MySQL)

Still some other packages don’t compile and I’ll look into fixing it one by one.