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Big news soon; let’s see if this hype-thing works

Yes, really great stuff coming up… For a hint click to read more of the post…

Selling a PSP on eBay is a copyright violation

Note to myself: Selling your old Sony PSP and writing that Firmware 1.50 is installed makes eBay delete your auction with “MC047 eBay Listing Violation: Copyright Violation – Unauthorized Item” reasoning the auction was selling “illegal copies/backups” or advertised to do so. At least they keep auctions where people advertise their PSP having “the super…
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iTunes sync with Linux on unjailbroken 2.0+ iPhones/iPods?

Hey, it appears as those superbrain folks on the libiphone mailing list are onto something regarding the new hashing algorithm used in Apple’s 2.0+ firmware.

openSUSE 11 RC1, commit spree, GFax 0.7.7 and some crap

openSUSE 11 RC1 is out. Grab while hot. A word about the man with 500 commits on a single day. I pray that our gnome-terminal loving fellows will worship chpe. George Farris announced a beta of GFax 0.7.7 which includes a couple of my patches and supports faxing from any application using cups. Cool, someone…
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Wii Remote’s endless abuses: Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard

Johnny Chung Lee from the Carnegie Mellon University demonstrates how to create a low-cost multi-touch capable whiteboard using a Wiimote, a pen with infrared LEDs, a projector and your average laptop. [youtube][/youtube] Really nice! I can imagine that you could even project from below a surface instead, effectively getting rid of the “shadows”. Additionally Petter…
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