Open inline URLs in gedit with Open URI Context Menu

Just a quick note that I updated my Open URI Context Menu plugin for gedit.

The plugin offers a simple way to open various file paths it detects within the text you are editing.

Open URI Context Menu 0.3.0 for gedit

With the latest quick hack which I wanted to do for a long time already, it can also spawn your favorite browser with a url from the text.

Should come really handy and was a requested plugin feature on the gedit plugin list and I had a couple of mails regarding it. Thus, I really hope you enjoy it!

To install it either use the gedit-plugins-extra package from my openSUSE repository or put the contents of the archive into ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins and make sure gedit was compiled with python support.

Last but not least the usual: I got an exorbitant amount of work to do this week…

If you should be an avid symfony developer and need some work, please get in touch with me.

openSUSE, GNOME and Apples on the tubez

Work, work and work. That’s how to describe the big fraction of my current schedule and the result is a decreased sexyness in post frequency on this blog (I’ll debug it).

I managed to update the applications in my openSUSE repository and most should now be available in the latest versions and build for 10.3. Also Florian was so kind to add a few new goodies there, too:

  • blueman, blueproximity
  • dsniff
  • Miro
  • gthumb
  • gedit (python enabled) and gedit-plugins(-extra)
  • rhythmbox 0.11.5
  • transmission
  • Miro
  • gfax (heavily “to be upstreamed” patched, theme support, bugfixes, loads of UI improvements)
  • gcc-d (openSUSE based D language compiler)
  • evolution-pst-import-plugin (Directly export PST in Outlook and import it in Evolution)
  • evolution-statusicon (Adds a small notification area icon to hide/show Evolution)
  • evolution-tnef-attachments (If you receive those “winmail.dat” attachments, try this)
  • gnome-device-manager (HAL based device manager)

openSUSE 11.0 is nearing completition and from what I can see it is shaping up to spawn another “this year is the year of Linux” spam flood once released.

openSUSE 11.0 Yast2 Installer World Clock

After returning from a business trip I also noticed something pretty cool has arrived:

Funky openSUSE T-Shirt

Hugs go out to to JP Rosevear for sending stuff to people with weired IRC nicknames.

In other news, in case you missed it, GNOME 2.22 has been released and the iPhone SDK myths have finally be unveiled.

Now back to my attempts to grow myself two additional arms for coding…

Tango Symbian Theme and an Apple

Some crab from the internets removed the download links to my Tango Symbian 60 theme. For those who have written me, it’s fixed. Go ahead and give some Tango love to your mobile.

Alongside of that I received a lot of nice feedback on the theme, appreciate it! I’ll fix the small issues like white font color with input fields and more black stroke issues and especially the landscape version soon.

Last but not least for those asking, I am using Carbide.UI on VMWare. It works to some extend “natively” since it is based on Eclipse, however parts of it (such as the tools) are compiled on win32 and NOKIA dev support stated in their official forums that they won’t support Linux due to wasting resources to support a very limited number of developers…

Thinking to create a Summerboard Tango theme (one exists already, however it is not very good) for the iPhone/iPod Touch at times. Alongside I found a note by Nate, one of those early ones in iPhone history who had time and enough brain to hack that thing, that with the new 1.1.3 firmware, Apple appears to already prepare the device’s system for 3rd party applications.

Bank of Bars, week off regular schedule and the usual web rant

I thought that the weeks at NY were a bit crazy, but I had one hell of a weird week down here afterwards. Must have received some injection down there. What a nice timing, right before exams!

By the way, “Die Bank“, which was a full fledged bank for over 100 years, is a pretty nice place with good music for either chilling with the laptop, signing a contract or having some delicious snack with drinks in the heart of Hamburg.

Die Bank, Hamburg, Germany

Die Bank - Food

Make sure to check it out if you are around there and take the stairs to the right.

Also had a late business meeting for a new webapp project which I can not talk about here. If done right it will be 2-3 months before Facebook goes down! No, wait, I mean StudiVZ. That german pixel perfect clone of the social giant is enforcing a new commercial-friendly privacy agreement many users don’t like.

Additionally Facebook is soon heading for the one only missing feature before world domination: localization, which will give StudiVZ a hard time. Similar what can be seen with “invest-VC-in-me-coz-I-copy-that-US-site” MyVideo (I won’t even link to those freaks here, sorry!) and their loss/move of the userbase to the recently germanized YouTube. It seems not very likely that two social sites with the same service/application survive in the web 2.0 market.

Anyways, time to fix the promised music thing while we are waiting for Apple to release details about the iPhone/iPod Touch developer SDK. Judging from that blown Macworld Expo drama this Tuesday and charging iPod Touch users $20 for the iPhone apps (Google Maps, Mail, Stocks, Weather, …) means they have not left the best lookout for next month on this topic. Expecting extreme vendor lock-in ala Symbian Signed. Nevertheless below an exclusive video of the new Thinkpad Air, awesome stuff.