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Internet Explorer 8 passes Acid2 test

So our norsk friends from Opera have filed an antitrust suit against Microsoft around a week ago. One of their complaints has been the bundling of Internet Explorer (IE) with the operating system from Redmond. However they also stated the lack of support for web standards: The Norwegian company, backed by the European Committee for…
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Wii Remote’s endless abuses: Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard

Johnny Chung Lee from the Carnegie Mellon University demonstrates how to create a low-cost multi-touch capable whiteboard using a Wiimote, a pen with infrared LEDs, a projector and your average laptop. [youtube][/youtube] Really nice! I can imagine that you could even project from below a surface instead, effectively getting rid of the “shadows”. Additionally Petter…
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Seamless Windows Applications coming on Linux with VMWare Workstation

Yeah! What Mac users have already seen for some time with “Unity” which basically allows all Windows applications to integrate with your desktop, seems now to be coming for the Linux version of VMWare Workstation 6.5, too. Read it here.

iPhone/iPod Touch mutate into avid dev platforms

So next to world’s most known word “ok“, pretty everyone should have heard about the iPhone/iPod Touch gadgets from Apple. Now, usually those sexy bastards are “closed” towards 3rd party development, however avid hackers (used a known TIFF exploit…) found a way into the system.

Ending the year in New York

Looks like I will be flying to New York to stay during X-Mas and groove through New Years. Watch out U ASS N AY!

Rhythmbox Stream Recording Plugin

Something I wanted to write for ages was a plugin for Rhythmbox to allow saving the currently played back stream to a file like streamripper does for instance. Well, today I quickly wrote one which you can find attached in the related bug report #320233. It turned out to reveal a couple of issues with…
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iSight works in next Skype Linux release

Apparently the Skype Linux guys have fixed an issue with the Apple integrated iSight webcams found in Macbook and iMac hardware. Those cameras use a rather unusual colorformat (UYVY) and thus had problems working with the recently introduced video functionality support of Skype Linux 2.0 beta. Great news for my Macbook…

Yast GTK Package Manager updates

Recently got a mail from Ricardo Cruz who is working on the Yast GTK package manager regarding UI design for it and I checked out what is coming up for it in trunk (screenshots!).

Yeah! Media + Blog = Works

Looks like I found a valuable plugin to be able to spam you with all kinds of media including YouTube videos and be able to upload audio and video. I like! Below a cool music video from a Chilean group. [youtube][/youtube]