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iTunes sync with Linux on unjailbroken 2.0+ iPhones/iPods?

Hey, it appears as those superbrain folks on the libiphone mailing list are onto something regarding the new hashing algorithm used in Apple’s 2.0+ firmware.

Waiting to synchronize your unjailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch on Linux over USB?

No, no. Apple is not releasing iTunes for Linux. What kept your (not jailbroken) bling bling from being accessed on Linux and limited to synchronization with one Mac or Windows computer could soon be history as a new interesting project has been started.

iPhone Dev, OS11 repository changes and hope for OGG

So today I joined the official iPhone Developer folks. First thing you do is to download the heavy iPhone SDK which comes in a “.dmg” file as many other bundles on Mac OS X. What do you do though when you download it in Linux and want to look into it?

openSUSE, GNOME and Apples on the tubez

Work, work and work. That’s how to describe the big fraction of my current schedule and the result is a decreased sexyness in post frequency on this blog (I’ll debug it). I managed to update the applications in my openSUSE repository and most should now be available in the latest versions and build for 10.3.…
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Bank of Bars, week off regular schedule and the usual web rant

I thought that the weeks at NY were a bit crazy, but I had one hell of a weird week down here afterwards. Must have received some injection down there. What a nice timing, right before exams! By the way, “Die Bank“, which was a full fledged bank for over 100 years, is a pretty…
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iPhone/iPod Touch mutate into avid dev platforms

So next to world’s most known word “ok“, pretty everyone should have heard about the iPhone/iPod Touch gadgets from Apple. Now, usually those sexy bastards are “closed” towards 3rd party development, however avid hackers (used a known TIFF exploit…) found a way into the system.

iSight works in next Skype Linux release

Apparently the Skype Linux guys have fixed an issue with the Apple integrated iSight webcams found in Macbook and iMac hardware. Those cameras use a rather unusual colorformat (UYVY) and thus had problems working with the recently introduced video functionality support of Skype Linux 2.0 beta. Great news for my Macbook…