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Idea for individual desktop wallpapers in GNOME now GSOC project

Wow, quite proud that my initial proposal to work on individual workspace/desktop wallpapers has become a real Google Summer of Code 2008 project. It is also available as a bug since 2001. The lucky one to bring you the bling is James Sharp. I hope we will see some refactoring of the splattered code related…
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Open inline URLs in gedit with Open URI Context Menu

Just a quick note that I updated my Open URI Context Menu plugin for gedit. The plugin offers a simple way to open various file paths it detects within the text you are editing. With the latest quick hack which I wanted to do for a long time already, it can also spawn your favorite…
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openSUSE, GNOME and Apples on the tubez

Work, work and work. That’s how to describe the big fraction of my current schedule and the result is a decreased sexyness in post frequency on this blog (I’ll debug it). I managed to update the applications in my openSUSE repository and most should now be available in the latest versions and build for 10.3.…
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openSUSE repository updates

Started to update the openSUSE software repository today since a few packages were not building. Big thanks to Florian who updated a couple of packages with new releases, too. Factory unfortunately is broken in the base repository thus most packages won’t be available until someone fixed that. Same for the SUSE download servers right now…
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Wii Remote’s endless abuses: Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard

Johnny Chung Lee from the Carnegie Mellon University demonstrates how to create a low-cost multi-touch capable whiteboard using a Wiimote, a pen with infrared LEDs, a projector and your average laptop. [youtube][/youtube] Really nice! I can imagine that you could even project from below a surface instead, effectively getting rid of the “shadows”. Additionally Petter…
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Seamless Windows Applications coming on Linux with VMWare Workstation

Yeah! What Mac users have already seen for some time with “Unity” which basically allows all Windows applications to integrate with your desktop, seems now to be coming for the Linux version of VMWare Workstation 6.5, too. Read it here.

iSight works in next Skype Linux release

Apparently the Skype Linux guys have fixed an issue with the Apple integrated iSight webcams found in Macbook and iMac hardware. Those cameras use a rather unusual colorformat (UYVY) and thus had problems working with the recently introduced video functionality support of Skype Linux 2.0 beta. Great news for my Macbook…