Anyone beats me lower?

During my move last week I accidentally discovered the only true evidence for the nerds and fanboys out there:

SuSE Linux 6.4

Can anyone beat me on that and present older crap? (Only real boxes, manuals, cds/floppys allowed!)

Update 20.08.09: Nikias Bassen sent me in this beautifully designed piece of pure geekness. A shot of his Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 from August ’98 below.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.0


Selling a PSP on eBay is a copyright violation

Note to myself: Selling your old Sony PSP and writing that Firmware 1.50 is installed makes eBay delete your auction with “MC047 eBay Listing Violation: Copyright Violation – Unauthorized Item” reasoning the auction was selling “illegal copies/backups” or advertised to do so.

At least they keep auctions where people advertise their PSP having “the super duper” M33 firmware installed…

Bah! Well, what’s left for me is a shameless plug to the new auction

Update 28/05/09: Unbelievable, the new auction which I carefully checked to not contain any freaking reference to anything copyright violating has also been removed… Also no clue why as I only received the typical standard “don’t sell illegal copies/backups” E-Mail. Contacted eBay support, let’s see…

It appears though that I am not alone. There are a couple of people having trouble selling their PSP on eBay. However in contrast to my case where I list the original unmodified 1.50 firmware, they had used rather problematic “wording” like “Pandora Battery” or “Custom Firmware/M33” and alike.

Reply and solution 28/05/09: Great, I have received a polite and exact explaination from the eBay security team. The problem for eBay really was the installed 1.50 firmware on my PSP which is considered “open/hackable to circumvent technical protections” (like copy protection). They recommend installing the latest PSP firmware before selling first.

Spam with creativity and just use HTML tables

Hilarious. Using a

to infect my eyes with even more Viagra. At least that way it is easier to understand than “V3ia6r4”.

Spam Mail showing VIAGRA using a HTML table

They are past ASCII Viagra already, ain’t they?